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Index of Michele's Recipes

I love to cook for my friends, for my family, and when I fix a dinner for them, I try to turn it into a little feast, in their honor, and for their delight. A dinner is more than great food (and beleive me, stunning food is what it should be!) but it is all about great company and the wonderful mix that happens when people connect and click, when friendships are nurtured and strangers are welcomed, when this happens between delicious bites and with some very good wines, and when it is topped by intelligent conversation, then we walked away enriched and strengthened for the journey... Americans love to do "pot luck" dinners and it is extremely convenient but there is a long French tradition of turning any meal into an adventure, a symphony for the senses, a complet feast and an ode to love and friendship! (You can see why "Babette's Feast" is one of my favorite film). But there is also a spiritual dimension to sharing food and companionship, (whether it is done the American way or the French way), much can be said about sharing a meal together, about the art of hospitality, and that's why, for me, these little dinners that I sometimes offer, are definively one of the very simple ways I try to put the "love of neighbor" into practice.

But enough said about dinners, I am going to post some of my recipes and pictures here on le blog de la Bergerie and here is what I have so far:

Pumpkin cheesecake by MichSzek See my new recipe of Pumpkin Cheesecake
in its American version or the French Alps version... here

Apple Custard Tart by Michele Szekely   Apple Custard Tart by Michele Szekely Apple Custart Tart with candied orange & lemon slices.

Biscuit Roll by Michele Szekely Biscuit Roll filled with orange jam & lemon sauce and covered with chocolate icing here

Clafoutis by Michele Szekely My own recipe of Clafoutis, for the English version, click here and for the French one, click here .

Verrine aux fruits
Berry Verrine here

Petits Gateaux de Savoie Aux Myrtilles
Petits Gateaux de Savoie Aux Myrtilles (Little Pound Cakes with Blueberry Jam) here

Petits Choux Au Fromage

Petits Choux au Fromage (Little Puff Pastries with Cheese) here or click on my video

Various Appetizers here

Quiche au fromage
Quiche au fromage de Haute Savoie here

Ratatouille aux Herbes de Provence here

Tomates Provencales    Tomates Provencales

Tomates Provençales - Grilled tomatoes with herbs and garlic

Fresh Berries
Fresh and Mixed Berries here

Please note: Use the best product available, go to your local market and buy organic.

Bon Appetit!

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