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Thomas d'Aquin ici in French

Grand Portail Philosophie Thomas d'Aquin, sur la philosophie de Thomas d'Aquin, traductions, initiation, forum, bibliographie, revues et articles. Un site merveilleux et extremement complet.

Chiesa ici   in English et ici en français.
(Il y aussi une version italienne)

Sandro Magister , a journalist, well versed in the affairs of the Church, of the Vatican, has written books on the political history of the Italian Church. He teaches courses on this topic at the University of Urbino. The site is his creation. Since the fall of 2002 it has been entirely bilingual, in Italian and English, it reaches a vast and growing readership: about half of these are in Italy, one third in the United States, and the rest spread throughout the world, from Japan to Argentine, from South Africa to Sweden, from India to China.

blog: Pour La Vie ici en français


blog: americatho en français

Histoire et actualités du catholicisme aux États-Unis de Daniel HAMICHE ici

blog: Notre Dame des Neiges en français

Blog catholique fidele a la Sainte Eglise ici

blog: Quo vadis? en français

Un tres beau blog, des illustrations, des textes et des prieres ici

blog: La Vie Catholique in English

A young American woman who falls in love with a young French Catholic, who converts (against all odds! Read her conversion story) and now blogs on The Catholic Life from Texas. ici

Christianisme Copte ici    en français

Ce site personnel a pour projet de faire connaître la foi et la spiritualité du christianisme copte ainsi que son influence culturelle dans les pays de langue française.

La communaute de l'Emmanuel ici en français

L'Emmanuel est une communauté nouvelle dans l'Église catholique, issue d'un élan : le renouveau charismatique. Vous y découvrirez le sens d'un appel, la diversité de ses membres et des propositions : Jeunes, couples, célibataires, vocations, missions ...
Puissent les pages de ce site vous permettre de rencontrer Celui qui est l'Emmanuel, Jésus-Christ : Dieu avec nous.

GODSPY here    in English

Faith at the edge… GODSPY is an online magazine for Catholics and other seekers. From politics to the arts, science to the economy, sexuality to ecology, GODSPY explores the ideas and experiences that reveal God's presence in the world. From New York. Very ecclectic in its subjects and stylish it its lay out. Theological Advisor: Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete "Much of our inspiration comes from the great Catholic fiction writers of the last century: Georges Bernanos. Graham Greene. Walker Percy. Flannery O'Connor… A place where Catholics and others searching for the face of God can together ponder "the mystery of things, as if we were God's spies" [King Lear].

Catholic Online here    in English

Breaking News, World News, Catholic and Diocese News & Multimedia "Catholic News and Information Center for Catholics and All People of God, to Help them Deepen their understanding of Our Catholic Faith. Find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on Washington, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, real estate, cars & more." Very big Catholic portal, very well organized, lots of news, merchandises, articles, it is a huge site. Check out their site map to get an idea of the wealth of resources that they offer: here

Catholic Exchange here    in English

Your Faith. Your Life. Your World. A very large and busy Catholic portal, providing education and information on Catholicism, Christianity, Spirituality; with daily news broken down in specific categories: the world, the nation, the Catholic church, the financial sector, health & sciences etc… With daily links to the liturgical readings. With Scripture classes and resources, with many articles on a wide range of topics, with Catholic Discussion Forums, with many regular columnists; with a daily quizz; and also offering religious merchandises etc…

Salon beige ici    en français

A very interesting French blog on politics, arts and people. Four or Five writers share their comments on a variety of subjects although always with a clear commitment to the doctrines of the Church.

Catholics for the Common Good here in English

Catholics for the Common Good is a new Catholic Action based on the social teachings of the Catholic Church. It is founded in response to the call of Pope John Paul II for the evangelization of culture and the U.S. bishops' call for faithful citizenship. The social teachings include a set of principles that help people inform their consciences and understand their roles and obligations in modern society particularly in seeking solutions to social, political and economic situations related to human dignity. Prayer is essential to this new Catholic Action. In addition to social and political participation, we are asking the laity and religious communities to participate in this movement with intercessory prayer.

Liberté Politique ici en français

Fondée en 1992 par des universitaires et des responsables du monde politique et économique, la Fondation de service politique est un centre de recherche et de communication. Ce laboratoire d'idées est né du besoin d'éclairer les grands débats contemporains à la lumière de l'enseignement de l'Eglise. Rapidement, la Fondation de service politique est devenue un espace où de très nombreux chrétiens, laïcs engagés dans les domaines politiques et sociaux ou responsables d'église, se sont retrouvés pour réfléchir ensemble aux grandes questions qui engagent l'avenir de notre civilisation... et à promouvoir les valeurs fondatrices de la civilisation judéo-chrétienne. Newsletter: Decryptage ....

Saints & Fetes Liturgiques ici en français

Biographies de Saints, prieres au long de l'année liturgique. Site tres interressant et avec beaucoup de ressources

Prier en famille ici en français

Wonderful ressources on how to pray as a family "How to pray with your children" ici

Asia News here    in English can be read in English and Chinese. We are very encouraged by the success of the AsiaNews on-line edition in Italian. In the previous month of November alone, there were 150,000 visitors to our site, whose articles were diffused among major Italian press agencies. Thanks to the re-launching of our news by Catholic press agencies such as MISNA and Zenit, AsiaNews articles have also reached other parts of the globe.

Ignatius Insight here    in English and the Insight Scoop weblog are online resources of Ignatius Press and are meant to assist readers who wish to learn more about the Catholic Church and her teachings, beliefs, practices, and history. Each week features articles and essays by Ignatius Press authors, as well as interviews with noted authors such as Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Joseph Pearce, Peter Kreeft, Roy Schoeman, Glenn Olsen, Donald De Marco, Benjamin Wiker, and others. The Insight Scoop web blog features daily commentary from Ignatius Press authors and staff.

Spirit Daily here    in English

Daily spiritual news from around the world. This site offers daily links to a wide variety of articles, from very eclectic sources, as long as it has anything to do with the supernatural, the life of the faith or the life of the faithful. The editor's commentaries are often inspirational, uplifting and always faithful to the Church. He is very good at pointing out the spiritual angle (or the supernatural angle, or even the just plain strange and odd aspect…) of any occurring worldly event or trend.

Zenit News here   in French & in English
and in numerous other languages too

The best and most reliable Catholic News around! I highly recommend subscribing to their daily emails or their weekly news summary.


Mother Lillie and The Trinitarians of Mary (Mexico)

Mount Tabor, Tecate, Mexico. Mother Lillie is the foundress of the Trinitarians of Mary. They are devoted to Adoration, praying for Priests and for the world and serving the poor. They take care of a boarding school for orphan girls and they offer clothing and food to the more than 1000 people that travel to Mount Tabor, on foot, every month. click here

Le carmel du Reposoir (Haute Savoie, France)

Si vous etes dans la region, ne manquez pas de leur rendre visite! Un tres beau monastere entoure de montagnes majestueuses. On peut prier dans leur chapelle et aller acheter 2 ou 3 livres dans leur boutique. Ancienne chartreuse du Reposoir, fondée en 1151, abritant aujourd'hui une vingtaine de Carmélites, en Haute-Savoie, France.
Voici 2 de mes photos: ici
Autant que je sache, le carmel n'a pas son propre site mais vous pourrez en trouvez une bonne description ici:

St. Clare's Retreat (Northern California)

A beautiful place for silent week-end retreats, run by Franciscan Sisters. Founded in the 1950's, it is surrounded by the gorgeous California hills of the Santa Cruz mountains. here

The Monastery of Perpetual Adoration (San Francisco)

On Ashbury Street, in San Francisco, California. A very beautiful chapel, with perpetual Adoration. Who would have guessed, cloistered contemplative nuns, in the heart of Haight Ashbury in The City! here

Notre Dame des Victoires (San Francisco)

The French Church of San Francisco, founded in 1856 and run by the Marists since 1885. It is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, next to the Financial District and next to the famous Chinese Gate, the entrance to Chinatown.
One Mass in French, with the French Choir: every Sunday, at 10:30AM.
All other Masses in English. Sundays: 7:30AM, 9AM, 12:15PM, 5:30PM.
Weekdays: Masses at 7AM, 12:10 and 5:15PM.
Confessions before every Mass during the week and at 4:30PM on Sat. here



Le référenceur des meilleurs sites catholiques francophones


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