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On this page, you will find the following TOPICS:

1) NATURE PHOTOS: "La Vallée du Haut-Giffre" in the French Alps and San Francisco by the Pacific Ocean, in Northern California
2) MUSINGS ON THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY: about the link between the liturgy and art and life, and my own photos with my favorite QUOTES
3) PILGRIMAGES, TRAVEL DIARIES: and processions, Lenten retreats, visits to sanctuaries (if without many photos, then they are also under “Articles”)


    La Vallée du Haut-Giffre in the French Alps

Season 1 Winter in the French Alps

Season 2 Spring in the French Alps

Snow in December

Cold and Ice

Autumn 2010 in colors

Autumn in Vercland

Panoramic Winter photos

Suffering or "Ma vie est magnifique!"

NATURE PHOTOS: San Francisco in Northern California

Season 3 Summer in California

Season 4 Autumn in California

The last sunny days before a storm in February

Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park

Le Pacifique au bout de ma rue

Season3 Summer in Norther California

Season4 Autumn in Californai

Springtime in California with slide show

Ice creek and Job 37

Montagne tu nous émerveilles

My two favorite locations
- the Sunset District in San Francisco, Northern California;
- Vercland in Samoëns, Vallée du Haut-Giffre, in the French Alps!


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My own favorite QUOTES

Quotes Christocentric 1 to 6

Quotes Faith 1 to 6

Quotes Saints 1 to 6

Quotes Wisdom 1 to 6


Travel Diaries: from one small chapel in the Alps to another one in Paris
from a tiny chapel in the mountain dedicated to Saint Francois de Sales
to the famous and world known chapel of the Miraculous Medal in Paris, rue du Bac

Preventing suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge...
Although the topic is NOT the Bridge per se, it sure is a great way to illustrate
the hypocrisy of some politics! Even when done with the best of intentions...

Typical micro climate in the Bay Area: the summer fog
driving through our summer thick fog after reading Come be my light

Waters of the earth and streams of faith A photo essay on water and faith
on our little planet...

Year of Mercy 2015 in SF

Pilgrimages, processions & visits to sanctuaries

Ars in 2010  et   Ars in 2014   pélerinages diocésains

Ars in 2015  et   Ars in 2018   pélerinages privés

La Benite Fontaine en 2009 et La_Benite_Fontaine_2022 pélerinages diocésains, organisés chaque annee, en septembre, par notre diocèse: le diocèse d'Annecy, en Haute-Savoie, France

Pilgrimage to La Salette en 2017 A diocesan pilgrimage with my granddaughter

San Damiano Franciscan Retreat Center in the East Bay 2017

Lenten - and Silent - Retreats in "Saint Clare Retreat Center" in the Santa Cruz mountains

Walks for Life West Coast : List of Walks from 2005 to 2023, at least the ones I participated in. It started in 2005 in San Francisco and I have documented them with many photos (except the very first year where I only wrote an article about it). I consider these Walks to be social, cultural and spiritual pilgrimages!


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