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Articles on this page are sorted by the following TOPICS:

1) MY OWN SHORT STORIES: on the Journey of life and faith; a tribute to my mother, and other short stories
2) BIBLE, ENCYCLICALS: my own essays from scripture classes, encyclicals, favorite books from various faith writers
3) PILGRIMAGES, TRAVEL DIARIES: retreats, sanctuaries, Walk for Life: if with many photos, they are also in Pilgrimages/Travel Diaries in “Photos


A tribute to MY MOTHER:
Introduction, how and why   (Autumn 2011)
      Kindness, anyone?  (Autumn 2011)
A French lullaby « Aux marches du palais»  (Summer 2013)
      Musings on life and the weather  (Autumn 2013)
Dos and Donts when dealing with dementia  (from 2011 to 2014)
      One mini-miracle and a long day  (Spring 2014)
Prayers to Archangels for departed loved ones  (2014-2015-2021)

MUSINGS on everything:
A monent of terror
      Communion of Saints formative school
Death penalty moratorium
      Full moon over a fir tree
My own (simple and practical) dual advice for the journey
      Homage to Rene Girard
Humility, my friend
      The Tree of life
The tsunami and the Kingdom
      Thunder, ball of fire and me
      Why exercise, why pray?


Pro-Life and Pro-Eternal Life:
Life 3 stages
Life Continuum

Christocentric Musings:

Reflecting, as a believer, on "suffering and pain":
Suffering or Ma vie est magnifique
What to do with pain and suffering

Faith in various Art media:
Stunned by Divine Providence "The Innocents" (the movie)
No "Silence" (the movie) for Christ!
"What men live by" (Tolstoy's short story) and my notes
Scripture, facebook and food

A late discovery: the art and joys of grand parenting!
Bagels and love
Epiphany and new babies
The Domestic Church
A French Lullaby

2) BIBLE, ENCYCLICALS, BOOKS commentaries...

Allegorical sense vs literal?

      Discipleship and Help from BXVI and Saint Ephraim

Benedict XVI La Sapienza

      The Descent to Hell, traditional or heretical?

Encyclical CARITAS IN VERITATE and commentaries

      Dischipleship in "Jesus of Nazareth"

"God is love" Encyclical

      Laudate Si Encyclical

Spe Salvi Encyclical

        Heretics and tatoos

The self-emptying of Jesus

      "What men live by" and my notes

Retreats, visits to sanctuaries

La mere Lillie a Tecate in 2004 (Mexico)

        Mother Lillie in 2008 in Tiburon      

        San Damiano Francisco Retreat Center in the East Bay 2017

Tavel Diaries from one small chapelle in the Alps to a world famous one in Paris

        Corpus Christi procession in Haight Asbhury

Corpus Christi procession in Ars

        Holy Thursday procession in North Beach

Holy Thursday procession in North Beach

Pilgrimage to La Salette with my granddaughter in 2017

Meditative Hike on Laudate Si in Le Fer a Cheval

Meditative Hike on Assomption Day from Samoens to La Riviere Enverse

Pilgrimage to La Benite Fontaine in 2009 a yearly diocesan pilgrimage

Pilgrimage to La Benite Fontaine in 2022 a yearly diocesan pilgrimage

Silent Lenten Retreats at St Clare Retreat Center in the Santa Cruz mountains (3)

Walk for Life West Coast:
Walk for Life 2005 was the very first one in SF
but 2006 to present are also under Pilgrimages and Travel Diaries in Photos, since I realized,
from the first Walk, that they were more than standing up for a cause, they were (and are) a social/cultural/statement, they are a complete and transformative spiritual pilgrimage!


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