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Prayers on this page are sorted by the following TOPICS:

1) THE LITURGY: the liturgical seasons, its feast days and its impact on our lives
2) MANY PRAYERS: traditional, current, excerpts from Scriptures; and my own prayers
3) THE SAINTS: Holy Mary; the Communion of Saints, the prayers coming from them


The calendar of the Liturgical Seasons,
its Feast Days and the impact on our lives 

Lent and Easter - PÂQUES 2022

        Lent and Easter 2016

Lent and Easter 2017

        One specific Holy Thursday in 2013

Easter and Holy Days 2011

        The Journey of LENT

Easter and Holy Days 2008

From Christ the King to Epiphany

        Grace and gratitude in Advent

Setting up a Creche in 3 steps in 2021

        Advent in 2017

Noel in 2017 in SF

        Reflecting on the gift of Christmas

Epiphany and new babies   2015

        The Eucharistic Desire prayer 2012


traditional or current,
from Scriptures, and my own prayers

Psalm 1 The very first psalm with commentaries, my own, and others.
        Psaume 1 in French
Psaume 23 one of the most famous psalm of all!
        Psaume 85 et la Sagesse et une meditation
Psaume 51 Le repentir! Le Miserere...
        Psalm 65
Psaume 139
        Psaume 95
Psaume 99

  My own prayers developped along the way, inserted most often at the conclusion of my musings...

Prayer of silence and patience

      Patience as a prayer

A Trinitarian prayer before sleep my own calming and grateful prayer at night time

      Benedicite_and_my own_blessings_before_meals recited, sung or silently offered

Domestic Church challengesThe conclusion...

      Transfiguration musings, my own

Many prayers, traditional or current,
or various musings on prayers

Action de grace

Adoration Initiation

Anima Christi English, French and Latin

Beauty and Goodness of creation

Eucharistic desire prayer

HOPE: theology and practice

Hymne Acathiste

Priere comme Elan du Coeur

Veni Sancte Spiritus

The Rosary, the Jesus Prayer and the Our Father.

The Jesus Prayer
The Rosary

The Lord's Prayer; the "Our Father"; le Notre Père...
  Our Father, the Lord's Prayer
  Pater Noster and 5 commentaries
  Pater Noster et Sainte Mechtilde Pour les ames du Purgatoire

Wonderful reflections by other writers (whom I find insightful):
Intercessory Prayer by F. Bonhoeffer
Brimming with life by Romano Guardini
The Body of Christ and Forgiveness by Rolheiser
La messe sur le toit du monde par Teilhard de Chardin



Mary Queen of Heaven and Queen Mother from an on line class by Scott Hahn, which helped me grasp many fascinating facets of Mary's essential position in the economy of salvation
    Marie la Tres Sainte Vierge
      Mary and January 1st Feast Day
        Mary and the dedication of SF archdiocese

 Saint Joseph Le Protecteur du Redempteur, the Guardian of the Most Holy Family!

Saint Paul in 2 Tim

    Saint Paul Apostle to the Gentiles

Saint Paul et la Lettre aux Hebreux

    Saint Paul Roman 12

Saint Isaac and Saint Kateri Two saints who died on American soil and lived just a few years apart

Saint Jean Vianney Feast Day

Saint John the Baptist was he the last prophet or the first saint?

Saint Jude in John Gospel here in San Francisco there is a sanctuary shrine dedicated to this Saint, patron saint of Desperate and Lost Causes...

Saint Francis of Assisi and San Francisco my commentaries on the patron saint of the City of San Francisco and (some of) the shared values with the Saint of Assisi...

Saint François de Sales Feast Day and Annecy I went to school in Annecy! I love the place and this terrific educator and evangeliser, who articulated so well the need for both action and contemplation

Two Catherine: Sainte Catherine d'Egypte et Sainte Catherine Labouré

Saints Gabriel, Michael and Raphael turning to the Archangels when offering prayer for a departed loved one...

Sainte Mechtilde and the "Pater Noster"

"Our Father" and 5 commentaries

The Lord's prayer in the CCC

Saint Monica

Saint Ephraim and the Transfiguration

Saint Mother Teresa: I first wrote : Fog and faith and Mother Teresa on her amazing determination to obey the second call (within the first call). Later on, I wrote again about her after reading Come be my light! and being stunned from what she still managed to do in the midst of a dark night. I just watched a recent movie about her and her Sisters (made in 2022) and it is wonderfully and very movingly inspiring: "No greater love".

Saint Seraphim

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Sainte Philomene

Saint Maximilian Kolbe the importance of truth, within and without, from him who was martyred in Auschwitz in 1941



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